Quality assurance: a learning organization

De Archipel is a professional and learning organization. Everyone who works at the school contributes and shares responsibility for the quality of our curriculum. We have specialists in various subjects, such as a Language Coordinator (Dutch), an English Specialist and an Arts and Culture Coordinator.

We implement an annual quality cycle (PDCA). At the end of each school year, the aims of the past year are evaluated. New ambitions/aims for the short and long term are drawn up based on various results, e.g. from tests and the monitoring of wellbeing and satisfaction of children and parents, current educational developments, insights from literature and observations and wishes of the team.

Based on these ambitions, Learning and Working Group are formed, and concrete aims are formulated. By fostering an open and continuous conversation with each other we keep a joint mission and vision alive, and we keep each other sharp. We are an active and open school that takes initiative and engages in dialogue with each other, with the parents and children, but also with other schools and organizations. We form partnerships on neighbourhood level, citywide and through the Samenwerkingsverband (a partnership organization focused on inclusive education).