A good start is half the job!

All studies show that healthy food is extremely important. That is why we have joined the Jump-in school programme. We are a school where we pay a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

Why is a healthy diet so important?

- it ensures better concentration and that in turn ensures better results;

- it ensures healthy growth and prevents obesity;

- it ensures healthy teeth.

As a healthy school, we have the following rules:

- At school the children drink water, tea or milk,

- during morning snack time the children eat fruit or vegetables;

- for lunch the children eat whole grain (brown) sandwiches or other whole grain products such as couscous, pasta or rice supplemented with fruit or vegetables;

- we also promote healthy treats on birthdays. The teacher has a treat/snack guide with inspiration. Sweets, cookies, candy, or ice cream are not allowed.

Our healthy food approach will only work with your help as parents! We ask you to support us in this. Together we can keep all the children in school healthy.