Almost all communication is done using Parro. Parro is a communication application for smartphones, linked to Parnassys, our digital student tracking and communication system. Parents are invited to download the app and can use it to follow the day-to-day running of the classes. Besides this, parents also receive regular newsletters and class updates. We also use Parro to schedule school activities and to plan Parent-teacher meetings. Parro is also available as a website, so having a smartphone is not a requirement.


The newsletter is published digitally every month. The newsletter is posted on the website and the link is sent to all parents via Parro. It contains additional up-to-date information on all school matters, such as staffing, housing, excursions and updates from the Parent-teacher Council (OR) and School Participation Board (MR). The newsletter also always includes the school diary with all important dates for the upcoming two months. These dates are also placed on the website in the school diary. Before the start of a new school year, the school diary is updated with relevant dates for the upcoming year such as holidays, public holidays, study days and weeks/days off. It also includes the dates of lots of activities and festivities. Furthermore, the diary contains practical information such as the lesson times, the gym schedule and staffing (who teaches which class).

Contacting your teacher

We particularly value a good relationship with you as parents and we want to be able to foster this relationship. If you want to speak to a teacher, make an appointment after school hours. After school hours our teachers can take the time to talk to you and also prepare.