De Archipel is an OGO school. OGO stands for Ontwikkelingsgericht onderwijs, which means a curriculum focused on development. Connecting society/the community to our education goals is central to the OGO concept.

In our view the ultimate goal of education is to prepare students for participation in society. That is why we pay attention to the natural curiosity of students and to the questions they ask. In our opinion, engagement with the content of the curriculum is very important. Knowledge and skills contribute to the personal growth of the students.

The teacher ensures that the children's interest is always stimulated and encourages the children to ask research questions. The teacher guides the children through the process of finding solutions themselves. Both the teacher and the children have an active role in creating the curriculum.

When children feel safe and learn that they can solve problems themselves, with or without help, their self-confidence grows. Every day we strive towards this goal, in each and every classroom.