Primary school De Archipel
De Archipel is a primary school on IJburg. On this website we want to show you how our school operates and what values we stand for. Choosing a school for your child(ren) is an important task and it is not always easy. On IJburg there are no less than nine primary schools, so as parents you really have a choice. Why choose De Archipel?

  • We teach English from year 1 to year 8
  • Thematic and engaging curriculum: OGO
  • Safe pedagogical school climate
  • Relatively small school (300 students), which makes us personal and accessible (and cozy!)
  • Curriculum adapted to the needs of each child
  • Focus on arts and creative development (Music and Art Teacher)
  • Enrichment programme for gifted and talented pupils
  • And a Do-lab for children who are talented, but can’t sit still!
  • Good results: inspection report grade Good

De Archipel has a beautiful new school building with an amazing view of the IJ-lake. We also have a nice big playground with lots of room for games and sports. We have modern teaching materials, a good IT-infrastructure with touchscreens and digital whiteboards, tablets and laptops. We also have our own gym, play room for year 1-2, a library and a classroom for arts education.

Click here for the School guide (English version).